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Play Sudoku with Sudokumat

Current: Sudokumat 5.99

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Sudokumat is a Java program originally written by Matthias Wegerhoff that is now further improved and maintained by me.

With Sudokumat you can play Sudoku quite relaxed.

Main Features


Here you can see some screenshots with different menues and displays.
The versionnumber may differ.

Screenshot of Sudokumat


ATTENTION: Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer saves the file as ZIP-archive (.zip), but actually it is a JAVA-archive (.jar). Therefor the file must be renamed back to sudokumat.jar at or after download!

Recent Version from 01/05/2014:

Sudokumat 5.99   (Just click for download)

Bugfix "Fix puzzle" only allowed for correct grids.

Older Versions:

Version Description
Improvement: PDF-pages now with adjustable number of sudokus per row.
Bugfix: Setting the level for pdf generation corrected.
Bugfix: Automatically loaded puzzle is now correctly initialized.
Now saving of settings and active puzzle is supported.
Canidates may be unset, set or excluded. The excluded-state is taken into account when showing permitted positions.
→ Exchange of puzzles with other programs (e.g. mail-client) via clipboard.
→ Remarkable size reduction of Sudokumat.
Undo now works for solving steps.
→ Support of Reset for solved puzzles.
→ Smaller font for candidates to improve value/candidate - distinction.
→ New option to enable/disable Timer.
Language selection German / English now possible via menu. Support of German now works for Java 6.
Bug-fix: Input of digits via numeric keypad now works.
Input of candidates by simultaneously pressing the Ctrl-key corrected - didn't work for Windows.
Menu revised.
Input of candidates by simultaneously pressing the Ctrl-key.
Display of possible position by
→ Pressing Alt and desired digit or
→ Clicking on a Sudoku-field with the desired digit.
Marking of permitted positions is now reset when:
→ Starting a new Sudoku
→ Pressing the Shift-key on an emtpy field
In Candidate-mode the candidates are now delete in the same way as in Value-mode.
New Feature: Toolbar for the most important functions of Sudokumat
Bug-Fix: Display of elapsed time and message for wrong solution corrected.
Level-definitions adjusted, some small improvements:
→ Faster generation for level evil puzzles
→ Help revised
→ Small changes in menu structure
Unterstüztung von Rückgängig/Wiederherstellen (Undo/Redo).
Umschaltung zwischen Input-Modus Wert und Kandidat nun über Menü oder Taste k.
Hint, showing an appropriate field for the next solving step. Validation of a completed Sudoku now again happens automatically.
Manually created or restored puzzles can now be solved by Sudokumat, if they have a solution.
All generated puzzles are solvable, now.
First version using Dancing Links to create and solve puzzles.
With the original solver (only logic-solvable puzzles, a little bit slow), but already with nearly all other features.


System Requirements: Java version 1.5 or better.

Sudokumat needs no additional installation. Having Java (1.5 or better) installed the downloaded sudokumat.jar can directly be started from a command prompt in the download directory using

java -jar sudokumat.jar

Starting Sudokumat directly from your graphical user interface depends on your operating system.


Normally on Windows no further steps are needed: just double-click the downloaded jar-file to start the program.

This only works, if jar files are associated with the Java runtime (Version 1.5 or better). Otherwise you can manually create a shortcut.

  1. Target.
    Here the full path to the Java-executable javaw.exe is needed, completed by the parameter -jar sudokumat.jar .
    Sample: C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.5.0_10\bin\javaw.exe -jar sudokumat.jar
  2. Set the working directory
    The Windows-Assistant sets this value to the directory of the executable. But this path must point to the directory where sudokumat.jar is stored.
    Sample: C:\Games\Sudokumat


Sudokumat is free. Nevertheless it has the full spectrum of felt quality. To give these impressions a chance to effect the further development, they have to be communicated.

So, please give Feedback!

Sample questions:

  • What do you think about the handling of Sudokumat?
  • Are the level definitions ok?
  • How big is the felt difficulty-spreading?
  • Which features are great?
  • ...which annoying?

Since the last time the number of spam entries exceeded my personal tolerance level, from now on feedback is only possible via e-mail.


Current ToDo - List

  • Improvement of the metric concerning the weighting of puzzles - input needed...
  • Additional playing modes
  • Automatic mode for candidates